February 27, 2024

Odd Couples


The Sedona Excentric World investigative team takes a look at odd couples, what with a divided country lead by a highly divided Congress while representing separations within one party. Perhaps the reason previous  congressional representatives seemingly got along, at least enough not to purposely damage the country, was that they knew each other socially. There were times when proposed legislation was not representative of the principles of one party or the other, but with meetings between leaders of each party a compromise could be made for the good of the country and patriotism. The general public never knew about the clandestine gatherings over dinner or drinks, usually drinks. What they knew was their representatives were less concerned with reelection and pleasing their financial backers and were more in concert with how they did their jobs and brokered deals where each side took and gave at different times. If this cat and duck can walk the bridge over troubled water in step, perhaps there is hope that politicians  in America can get their acts together, vacate their egos and get to work.


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