November 28, 2023

Why Christmas Might Be Cancelled . . .


While going through our email files, we came across this wonderful Christmas photograph of an ordinary American couple and the happy Christmas Chihuahua. We realize we’re either months late or even more months early, but were so impressed by the obvious love for the holiday shown in these wonderful shots that we just couldn’t resist posting them. Sharing special times with pets is important to many people, especially those who consider their pets members of their family. Notice th baby lamb (or goat) on the lap of the woman who appears as though it just wet her skirt. The man’s attire is quite confusing, as if he wore his last three Christmas presents together to show his wife his appreciation for her good taste. And while it is surely coincidental, the Christmas Chihuahua appears to be staring down the lamb (or goat) ready to make chase. Either that, or this dog is seconds away from removing body parts from the photographer. Either way, both photos clearly express a love for the holidays.


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