April 16, 2024

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Our Special Excentric Public Indecency Staff members take a look at Global Climate Change. During a summit on extreme weather happenings around the world, four disgruntled committee members decided to display their members, welcoming Spring with an al fresco beach party. With no clothing restrictions posted at the secret camp where scientists, climatologists, politicians and religious fanatics gathered to discuss the ramifications of doing nothing to alter the course of earthly destruction, four amigos, representing the deniers participating, attempted to exhibit evidence to the other ninety-six in attendance no harm would come to their usually covered private parts. While their experiment was poo-pooed by those with actual statistics proving mankind is killing his/her own planet with pollutants, the quartet showed determination – right up to the point where they lined up to slide down the metal incline at the playground, sticking and scorching their bums, backing into each other like railroad cars, screaming like infants needing a change of diaper. Fortunately, the camp was closed to outsiders and first aid was immediately administered. Pictures of their damaged goodies were used later in the conference as further evidence that climate change was indeed a bummer.

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