April 16, 2024

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The Sedona Excentric Task Force captures a moment. Upon realizing he had just signed away the opportunity for another championship NBA title, Lebron James says goodbye to Miami, Florida and hello to Cleveland, Ohio – again. While he is going home to the Cavaliers, people who thought he was part of their Florida family are beyond shocked and dismayed. One man who painted a mural of James and the other Heat players covered up James’ face in anger. Some thought this photo was taken when James won his first championship ring. Others believe the photo was taken after he read an article in Sports Illustrated that claimed he had decided to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers. After losing badly to the San Antonio Spurs in 5 games this past NBA season, James was obviously shaken – to the point that some say he went on a Gatorade G Series Prime Energy Chews binge, and while coming down from a serious health rush, made the decision to change teams. Actually, the photo was taken after James realized Excentric subscriptions would be no more.

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