August 12, 2022

Increase the Minimum Wage!


Our Excentric Investigative Staff take a look  at the reasoning behind keeping the minimum wage at or below poverty level. While the richest 1% of wage earners in the United States had massive increases in their salaries and bonuses, the rest of the country has experienced stagnating incomes.

Meanwhile, costs of everything from milk and bread to veggies and meat. While shopping, our staff noticed that companies who seemed to keep their products at or near the same prices of recent years past are offering smaller amounts in smaller in smaller containers, thereby tricking the average buyer  and keeping them loyal. Clothing has had their thread count cut in half to give the appearance of a bargain. So, beware, consumer, check your weights and sizes, as well as your prices.

Oh, yeah, it seems congress is afraid that a hike in the minimum wage would result in millions of Americans squandering their newly found bounty on unneeded luxuries, such as is depicted by the pizza delivery person racing from the restaurant to people’s homes in their brand new Jaguar. Really?

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