February 1, 2023

Frosty No More


The Excentric World Special Task Force takes at look at the effects of climate change. While many politicians deny that climate change even exists, and others find no correlation between the deterioration of the protective ozone layer and pollutant emissions from the tools of humans, scientists have declared a potential state of emergency. A look at major cities around the world should be evidence enough that we are choking ourselves to death, never mind the dramatic rise in cases of basal cell skin carcinomas. Combustible automobile and truck engines, gas powered mowers and blowers contribute greatly to harmful particulates floating in our air. A comedian once joked that the answer to pollution was to make the particles too big to fit in our noses. As further proof that climate change is real and needs to be reckoned with, scientists offered this photograph of what used to be Frosty the Snowman. Once a towering group of rolled snowballs, the jolly, jolly soul has been reduced to piles of sand. He even had to trade in his boots for a pair of flip flops. Children everywhere are devastated.

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