October 18, 2021

Time To Show A Little Respect , , ,


Too often, it’s too easy to poke fun at our elder community. We need to spend more time getting their stories and learning from them, not about technological toys, but life. We need to learn more about love, traditions, compassion and priorities. If only we would take the time to listen to their stories of times gone by. While advancements are made technologically with every generation at a pace that is at times unfathomable, as humans, we would benefit more from understanding our past than reinventing our future. Even Albert Einstein saw this dilemma when he said, “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” We don’t need a crystal ball, we just need to lend an ear.


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  1. Armi says:

    Dear Holly,In the past, my weight cenrocns were all based on what prescriptions I was taking so naturally I would lean towards pills to solve my problems. In high school I took a prescription where even though I was exercising (I was in JROTC) there was nothing I could do to lose the weight until I got off of them. We ran every morning and everyone else was getting faster and in shape and I was gaining weight and was slowing down to the point I would struggle very early in the run. I was thirty pounds over weight at that time and even though it may not seem like a lot compare to some, it made a world of difference for me. It wasn’t until I was on another prescription that I lost the weight and put my old self behind me and block it out my mind.Times have change. I am married and my husband and I are blessed with a baby boy. Our son’s smile could make any bad thing just disappear and give me motivations to do just about anything. For several years now I had been on hardly any medication and I have been doing so great that I even forgot what depression felt like. Lately, I have become bitter, angry, and an emotional eater which I don’t think I ever was before and I feel like I am going down hill very fast. I thought that I was pregnant again because of the mood swings and because my belly is getting bigger not smaller. I just realized that I am suffering from post partum depression. I know from the past that exercising, eating right, and taking care of yourself is something I can do to help me get better without having to go back on medication. I am actual really scared I might have too. If that is the case, it might make me have to stop breastfeeding our son which I really enjoy doing and he does also. My emotions are not only affecting me, but also my husband, my son as well and some random people I don’t even know.The transformation challenge would help equip me with skills I need to prevent me to going back to that old lifestyle and mind set. I have always struggle at anything I did because I have never had the skills to stick it through. The Transformation Challenge would help me change many habits that are causing problems. Learning new habit would prevent my depression from resurfacing even after several years. I don’t want my son to end up like me and right now I just feel like a terrible mother and I want to change. My son deserves so much more than what I can give him right now. He is also getting big so fast and loves to be carried but I am not strong enough to carry him around like I want to. I have already started walking twice a week with my friend who also just had a baby, but I feel that may not be enough. I know I am not strong enough do this change alone and don’t want to fail again. I have a great, understanding husband and sweet baby boy who looks to his mother for not only food, but comfort and support. My husband deserves to have that friend he fell in love with and I want sweet, strong, supportive personality back as well. I can’t fail; they both need me to be health and strong and so do I.Even though my husband thinks I am sexy no matter how I look, I want to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight and lose my belly so I can feel and look sexy. I want to tone and strengthen my body so I can carry and play with my son without any strain and for a longer period. I want to have a healthier mental state so I can give both my son and husband a fun environment to live in and be able to set a good example.Thanks for listen,Nancy

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