November 28, 2023

Sedona Queries

  • If Coffeepot Rock sees its shadow, do we have to switch from mocha lattes to iced cappuccinos?
  • Can I use my Red Rock Pass to park anywhere and what if someone is in my space?
  • If there is a Snoopy Rock, why isn’t there a Charlie Brown Rock and Lucy Rock?
  • Who made Snoopy Rock, anyway?
  • Where do all the people who work at A Day In The West go at night?
  • Does everyone who lives in Cornville have to grow corn?
  • Where is the mountain with the Indian Presidents’ faces on it?
  • How come every time I visit a mind reader in Sedona they always draw ablank?
  • Why do none of the stores in Sedona sell Ouija boards?
  • Will sitting on a Sedona toilet while flushing really send vortex energy to my head through my butt?
  • While buying a large crystal, ask, “Are batteries included?”
  • How often does Bell Rock ring?
  • What color are the roots of the red rocks?
  • Do you have to be gay to ride in a pink jeep?
  • Wanna see me fake an out-a-body experience?
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