September 27, 2023

Yachting Along the Verde River


Sedona Excentric World looks at the recent surge in yachting along the Verde River. The Verde has many narrow twists and turns and suffers from low levels during droughts. Currently, the weather Northern Arizona is experiencing has left many sections of the river unnavigable. To prevent property loss and possible personal injury, a local yacht maker, Cornville Cruisers, has designed a new luxury liner to please even the most discriminating boater. Pictured left is a prototype of what is expected to be crowding rivers across America and yes, the world, in decades to come. A vessel navigating at Mark Twain would normally incur no significant draw. However, the Verde levels are lower at some locations and therefore require the rudder be supplied from an outboard motor. When not on the water, these yachts can be easily hauled by trailer and docked conveniently in a driveway.


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