November 28, 2023

Sedona Vortex Experiences

  • You go back in time to when Sedona was first discovered, but still forget to invest in real estate.
  • You win the lottery and donate it all to a self-appointed guru claiming to be the second, or third, coming.
  • You now belch fairy dust.
  • You see UFOs flashing subliminal messages for Hummers.
  • Your front lawn is now covered with grass crop circles.
  • You now have the ability to communicate with rocks.
  • Your inner child is acting up a lot more and needs a time-out.
  • You developed a desire to eat low carb, “naturally,” foraging the woods for edible plants, lean insects and tree bark.
  • Your alter-ego goes on a shopping spree, leaving you deep in debt, but in high fashion.
  • You feel some kind of surge of inner magnetic energy, and now, no matter which way you turn, your belt buckle always points north.
  • You are constantly seeing red, not in an angry way, but on maps of the U.S., especially in the south.
  • You hear Yanni’s music in your head everywhere you go, especially in the shower.
  • You and your sock puppet finally agree on politics.
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