November 28, 2023

Sedona Senior Olympics

  • Four Meter Fall Down and Get Up Trials
  • All-U-Can-Eat Light Breakfast Buffet Relay
  • Lazy Boy Recliner Nap Off
  • The Limbo Pole Low Jump
  • Belly-Up-To-The-Bar Shotput
  • Eating, Sleeping and Pill-Taking Triathalon
  • Two Hour Let Your Fingers Do The Walking Phone-Off
  • Back Yard Barbecue Skewer Toss
  • Macarena Marathon
  • Adjusting Your Truss vs. Adjusting Your Trust
  • Bank Vaulting
  • Backing Car Out Of Post Office Parking Lot Contest
  • Hot Tub Water Polo
  • Wine Tasting For Mixed Doubles
  • Synchronized Wading
  • Golf Cart Drag Racing
  • Memory Marathon
  • Jumping While High
  • Automobile Directional Signal Turn-A-Thon
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