February 27, 2024

Nose Job


The other day I shaved my nose
Without a second thought.
And, now, I find my life has changed!—
In fact, it’s changed a lot!

While staring in the mirror I saw
Some peach fuzz on my snout,
And, so, I took my razor and
I scraped it down and out!

A few days passed, and once again,
While studying my schnoz,
I saw ferocious fuzziness,
Like on a rabbit’s paws!

Two weeks have come and gone and now
My nose is cloaked in fur!—
An unintended consequence,
A pelt I can’t deter!

I’m thinking now of changing jobs
To something I can do:
Cirque du Soleil? Or, failing that,
A one man petting zoo!


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