October 6, 2022

Minister of Reality, Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland



Well, Judy had another fight
Down at her Apple store.
They flat out said they won’t replace
Her iPhone any more.

She told them quite respectfully,
The new phone didn’t work–
That just like all the other times,
The camera went berserk.

She wore her hot bikini to
Some beach that’s all the rage,
And tried to take a selfie to
Enhance her Facebook page.

But, once again, the camera took
A shot of some old bag!–
A woman twice her age with warts,
Gray hair and jowls that sag!

And, as they walked her to the door,
Beseeching she stay calm,
Poor Judy cried, “It’s worse than that:
She looked just like my mom!”

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