August 12, 2022

Doug (Rabbit) Sutherland, Minister of Reality



It’s true I’m old and wizened with
All systems set to fail.
My knees are weak, my elbows creak,
My wattles flap and flail.

But, there are compensations for
The countless years I’ve sown.
For, all of life’s a tradeoff, and
In countless ways I’ve grown.

I understand my fellow man
Far better than before;
I find compassion in my heart,
Forgiveness at my core.

The multitudes petition me
To council in their strife–
The shroud of wisdom, settled on
The shoulders of my life.

They tell me that I’m blessed and wise;
To them it’s clear to see!
What’s clear is that I’d screw it all
If I could only pee!

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