April 16, 2024

The Government, Part Whatever, IIIish


Our crack staff takes a look at the influence the seemingly never ending sequester has imposed on public transportation. Known as “trickle down economics,” the federal government withholds funding to the states, who in turn denies revenue to the counties, who no longer gives money to the cities, who then shut down public programs. Forced to improvise, organizations find themselves depending on donations, grants and thee generosity of th private sector. This once-thriving bus company that had previously offered free transportation to the public in Cornville could no longer afford the fuel necessary for combustion and resorted to alternative power. The size of the bus, along with the hefty passenger load proved to be too much of a strain on the beast of burden, impelling the bus operator to remove a large segment of its coach, reducing his ride capacity to three – four including the driver. This is adaption at its best.


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