September 27, 2023



Q:  I read a lot of stories about people who saw monsters or ghost or other things that go bump in the night. Most of them are recollections of events that happened in their distant past and many of them seemed to happen when they were children. Could it be they have clouded memories or perhaps overactive imaginations? If they had these experiences, why didn’t they share them at the time of the happening? Wouldn’t that have given their stories more credibility, even though they were children?

A: I don’t know. The horror stories that happened in my household as a child were real and nobody ever listened to me.

Q: While hiding under the sheets on a cold winter morning with the radio on, I could hear someone breathing heavily. Initially I thought it may have been on the radio, but it was still there after turning off the radio. It did not spook me, but confused me. Once I opened the blinds, the breathing ceased. I am still confused. My girlfriend is the only one I have confided in about this incident. My mother-in-law passed recently and since we didn’t get along I thought it might have been her. What do you think?

A: My experience with heavy breathing under the sheets is more personal. You confided in your girlfriend, who seems to be in your life the same time as your wife. Your mother-in-law should haunt you – until you die.

Q: Late one night, I couldn’t sleep. I had an uneasy feeling like never before. Something made me look at the doorway. That’s when I saw a tall, dark, cloaked figure with a dark blacked-out face —  like I couldn’t explain. After 20 seconds when it spoke. It sounded deep, dark, almost like a metallic echo, and distant, like the ultimate villain voice. It said, “Partyyy… pizzzza… party,” the very song my friend who was sleeping over, sang earlier that very night. Has anyone else written with that experience?

A: Nope. Most really dark, villain ghosts don’t sing about pizza and usually wait at least 30 seconds before breaking into song.

Q: While on a hike in Sedona on a trail I have walked for years. I left my house at 10am on the dot, had walked about a mile and found myself lost and nowhere near any familiar surrounding and facing a man and his son. They bid me a good day and moved on. I checked my watch and it showed 10:15am. Could I have been involved in a time warp?

A: Sure, why not? Let me know where you get batteries for those things.

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