April 21, 2024



Q:  I often read articles about menacing ghosts, puzzling poltergeists, Bigfoot sightings and extraterrestrial abductions. As I read these articles, I discover that many are written by adults who are recalling incidents that took place during their childhood. I often wonder if they are just writing stories for the sake of seeing their tales in print or are allowing their imaginative recollections to infiltrate their sensibilities. Why would people in their twenties or older write about odd happenings from their childhood?

A: I really don’t know. Perhaps their memory was repressed due to the fright and horror they experienced. Or maybe they just made it up, as the stories would sound silly if experienced by an adult.
Q: I heard about a guy who went to the Calgary Glenbow Museum  to view the display of the King Tut coffin, mummies, and artifacts and treasures from his tomb. I sensed that something was inside one of the mummies and it was invisible. I stared at it. When I went back to my room that night, I was reading a book when all of a sudden something invisible grabbed my ankles put my feet on the floor beside my bed. The pain was so severe I was sobbing. It yanked my earring out of my earlobe as I fell to the floor, leaving me exhausted on the floor from the battle. What do you think happened?

A: How should I know? Didn’t your mom tell you it isn’t polite to stare?
Q: My family had a barbecue at my uncle’s house when I was young. My sister and I decided to stay the night. Our parents left and we settled into our bunk beds. During the night, we saw a shadowy figure outside the window. At first we thought it was a tree, but then it transformed into a shadowy demon dog and leaped into our second story bedroom through an open window. We had our uncle call our parents and they came and got us. Has anyone else written you about shadowy demon dogs?

A: Nope. I have been written to about stygian devil cats, but I really think they were making their story up. How old did you say you were?
Q: I stayed the night with a friend of mine when we were both teenagers. She had told me of crying baby sounds outside her bedroom in the hallway some nights. That night, I heard them also, first one then two, then three, all crying simultaneously. The sounds stopped after about ten minutes and we went to sleep. Since then I, too, believe in ghosts. Any thoughts?

A: Not really. Maybe her parents cried themselves to sleep.

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