March 30, 2023



Q: I recently read about a California real estate contractor that was surveying a potential lot for purchase by his client. Because the lot was heavily wooded, the contractor used a drone and recorded his video. While reviewing the footage, he discovered he had captured what appeared to be a Bigfoot wandering through the woods. The alleged Bigfoot seemed to notice the drone and ran from a clearing into thick brush. Have you seen the video? Could it actually be footage of Bigfoot?
A: It could, or it could be a tall stranger. My neighbor used a personal drone with a camera once. I mooned it. Never saw it again.
Q: In an article about carbon dating dinosaur bones, it revealed that some dinosaurs could have walked among humans. Holy Fred Flinstone! From the stories I’ve read, it seems there have been only a few fossils collected that have been carbon dated. I checked out their credentials and found no evidence on the University of Georgia website and their head fossil guy was from the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth. Is this for real?
A: If it is, it could put the kibosh on Jurassic Park IV. Personally, I think it highly improbable that Dino actually played with Bam bam and Pebbles.
Q: I was told a story about a woman who believed she was reincarnated from a Navajo girl who died in her teens. She was not sure how many generations she may have skipped, but recalled feeding sheep and grinding blue corn. When she finally visited the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, she was told by an elder that she had great spiritual power and that she was a member of an old Navajo clan. Can spirits travel from one body to another?
A: I have no idea. Sometimes I feel I was a slave in Egypt and my wife was the ruling princess. Wait – that was yesterday’s role playing.
Q: A friend of mine was totally into her Ouija Board for years after we graduated college. Now, she says she has outgrown it, but heard that throwing it away could bring curses upon her. She doesn’t want to give it away because her essence has been influencing the board for so long. I told her to take it to an incinerator and have them burn it, but she says the spiritual heart of the board could be released into anyone around. A close friend of both of ours said to separate the planchette from the board, sprinkle the board with holy water and the ground where you bury the pieces. Any suggestions?
A: I’d ask the board if it was okay to throw it away and move it to “YES.”

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