February 25, 2024



Q: I read a story about a guy who observed alien aircraft in the skies multiple times. On the third occasion he experienced a feeling of being paralyzed while in bed. He was awake, but could only move his eyes. Then he felt something being placed on his stomach area. Is it possible he had some kind of alien implant placed into his navel? Maybe it was like a tracking device similar to the ones used in The Matrix. Have you heard of this before?

A: Usually, when people start making cinema references, I lean toward their story being influenced by a certain movie. Is your friend’s name Neo?
Q: One night, while I was alone, asleep on the couch, I was awakened by the rattling of the living room blinds. I jumped up, faced my window – and staring back at me was a face! It had an ominous grin, and I could tell it was evil and wouldn’t hesitate to hurt me. I started looking for something to clobber it with in case it came in. That’s when I saw the empty vodka bottle and thought that would make the perfect weapon. I also then realized I was on the second floor. What do you think I saw?

A: It’s hard to say. Unless the face was on a really tall body and on stilts or a ladder, I doubt it was there. One thing you wrote struck me as possibly significant. It was the empty bottle of vodka. Did you finish it that night?
Q: My husband and spent a night out recently at a hotel rumored to be “haunted.” We think apparitions and ethereal phenomena, so we were looking forward to a personal encounter. We spent two nights there with nothing out of the norm occurring. When we were packing to leave, I noticed my earrings had been placed in one of my pill bottles and as I reached for my coat in the closet, something shoved me back out. Could it have been that since we were open and welcoming they just didn’t want us to leave?

A: Maybe the owner wanted an extended stay. Maybe it was a closet ghost.
Q: I live on an island where creepy, unexplainable things happen at night. One night I awake to my daughter sitting up and laughing in my husband’s and my bed. I looked to where she was pointing and noticed a shadowy figure crawling slowly across the wall opposite the bed. I shrieked, woke my husband and turned on a light. By then it had disappeared. The figure resembled the Grinch, not the Jim Carrey Grinch, but the cartoon character. Has anyone else seen a Grinch-like character on their wall?

A: This time of year, everyone sees a Grinch somewhere.

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