April 16, 2024

Kozmik Korner by Lush Gumball


Q:  I read the strangest thing. Some guy with a drinking problem lost his front partial between visiting a bar and a bank. His girlfriend accused him of puking them off into a toilet and flushing them away. He couldn’t recall where they got off to. A year later, after the couple had separated, he was visiting her. She woke one morning to find his teeth sitting in her kitchen sink. He accused her of swiping them and making him miserable. She contends they were returned by prankster spirits. What do you think?

A: Prankster spirits, drinking problem – funny! I guess for a while he was drinking out of a can instead of a bottle.
Q: I heard a story about a guy who poked fun at photos of supposed ghosts while at his girlfriend’s apartment one night. After retiring for bed they noticed the heater had been turned on and while inspecting it, light were flickering on and off. Freaked out, they decided to take a walk when a car passed with kids tossing eggs. further freaked out, they went back home where the guy apologized to the entities in the photos and vowed never again to challenge their authenticity. From that moment on, he has never been haunted. Do you think he was really haunted by ghosts from photos?

A: I don’t know. Some people take really bad pictures. Look at your driver’s license and see if that doesn’t haunt somebody.
Q: I was relayed a story about a group of guys who formed an organization dedicated to displaying evidence that Bigfoot exists. Armed with molds and casts of Bigfoot’s big feet, along with samples of hair and blood that DNA testing showed was primate, they claim Bigfoot is real and living among us. One even claimed he saw Bigfoot on the side of a road and mistook him for a hitchhiker until he closed in and the creature took off. Do you think they have enough evidence to prove Bigfoot’s existence?

A: Nope. With the influx of immigrants, lately it just could be a Yetti.
Q: So, another crop circle story. This time in a remote farm in Germany. The farm is located next to Raisting Satellite Earth Station communications facility. Some believe students from the facility created the circle as a prank. Others believe that that geometrical designs are too precise for humans to achieve. Any thoughts about the new crop circle?

A: I saw a picture of the circle. Those are really cool shapes. I’m not sure what the message was supposed to be. Maybe: Hey Another crop circle. Ha!


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