July 6, 2022

Frankly Fanny by Herself


Dear Frankly:
There is a woman I like, but she has a boyfriend. He plays on a team with me and he and I get along real well. She asked me out and I said that I would go. I asked her about her relationship with her boyfriend. She said it was on again off again and did not know where it was going. I don’t really know what she wants from me. We are from different races but it doesn’t seem to matter to her. I don’t know whether she is serious or not. What should I do?
      Confounded Carl

Dear Confounded:
Seriously? You are going to go out with a teammate’s girlfriend? You don’t say what sport you play, but, for your sake, I would hope it isn’t a contact sport. The fact that you mention to race difference tells me you are uncomfortable with it. You need to find a date on your own.

Dear Frankly:
I’ve concluded that in order to have a social life via the net and other singles functions, I need to spend about 20 a week to plan, organize, search etc. With the 60 plus hours I devote to my business, this isn’t possible nor will I have any energy to attend functions.  I am out of ideas. Therefore, with my business I would be better off to hire a professional matchmaker. Do you know where I might find someone who would conduct a campaign on my behalf?
 Frustrated Freddy

Dear Frustrated:
Let me get this straight. out of desperation, you want to hire a matchmaker. Imagine, with the information you have given, someone compatible would also work 60 hours a week, leaving you 20 hours to spend with your new friend – less than 3 hours a day. Works for me.

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