August 12, 2022

Frankly Fanny, by Herself


Dear Frankly:
I’m a college student and I’ve lived with my boyfriend for 3 years. I have decided to move home for the summer and live elsewhere when school begins next semester. I am breaking this off because we just are not getting along. The problem is he owes me about $1000.00 in back rent and loans. I have stuck around because I knew that if I left he’d never repay me. I still love him but he is no good for me. I want my money back but I need out of this relationship. Can you please help me?
     Stumbling Stella

Dear Stumbling:
Love is just love and money is just money. Didn’t you ever listen to Beatles songs? Tell him you’ll see him next semester, but you need the $1000 for a car to share with him. Show up, take the money and leave. Don’t look back. Don’t say a thing.

Dear Frankly:
I am a twenty-five-year-old virile, heterosexual male. I have a question regarding men’s hairstyles. I was balding and decided four years ago to shave my head completely for a cleaner look. I received a lot of positive attention from women at the time. However, over the last year or so I have noticed more men with long hair and women paying less attention to bald men. Are bald-headed men out and long-haired guys in? Should I try to grow my hair?
Chrome Dome Diego

Dear Chrome:
I doubt that your head cover has much to do with your getting attention from women, other than a passing glance. Fashion fads will come and go, but personalities need adjustments. My guess is that your fascination with your crown is a Pit Bull thing. Olé señior. Adios.

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