August 12, 2022

Frankly Fanny by Herself


Dear Frankly:
I am a very giving person. I enjoy helping others and seeing the smiles on their faces. I have a boyfriend that I feel is taking advantage of my generosity. He recently asked me to walk his dog while he went to a party without me. He then called later to ask me to let him out again that night, as he was running late. Then he asked me to watch him for a couple of days while he went out of town. I really like this guy, but think I am being used. Should I stay with him?
Giving Gloria

Dear Giving:
Who takes care of this guy’s dog when he is at work? And why didn’t you get to go to the party with him? And just where is he going for a couple days that you can’t go with? What kind of dog is it? I think you should break it off with this guy and take the dog with you.


Dear Frankly:
I have known a wonderful, man now for two years. The first year, we lived in different states and communicated via e-mail and over the phone. We talked 3-4 times a week, with daily e-mails. Eventually, we started to visit each other. After the year passed, I moved to his hometown. We are both in our early thirties and both want a family soon. He said that he sees us together in the future. I have put my emotions on the line with him. So, do I continue to wait?
Troubled Teresa

Dear Troubled:
I can’t believe you moved to another city just to be close to a guy you are sort of dating. By the way, the year is 2015. There’s nothing stopping you from proposing to him if you think he is the right man, especially if you want a family soon. I proposed to my fifth husband.

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