August 12, 2022

Automotive Breakdown… by Denny Mandeville, Owner/Canyon Automotive, Sedona

Purchasing tires is a no brainer, and about as much fun as going to the dentist, but before you go, here are some hints and rules.  With the popularity of AWD (all wheel drive) SUV’s, cars, and pickups there is a hard fast rule the salesman seldom tells the new owner- you have to replace your tires in sets of 4. The AWD feature has separate differentials, one of which is in the transmission, and an odd tire can overheat and ruin this component $$$$$. Different brand tires, while having the same size printed on the sidewall, are not all…

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Automotive Breakdown

Apologies to the old Buick ad; “this isn’t your father’s fan belt”. The venerable old V-belt has been long gone and in its place is a ribbed flat belt often called a ‘serpentine belt’.  These ribbed flat belts often use both sides of the belt to drive the engine accessories as they wrap and snake around the pulleys they drive.  They are longer lasting, and use less horsepower to drive the accessories we have all gotten quite used to; power steering, air conditioning, and the ever important alternator. Water pumps are often, but not always, driven by the timing belt….

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