August 10, 2022

Merlin’s Wand


by The Brown Monk

Merlin the Magician still has a few tricks up his skirt, even today.

Although there are those would like to think otherwise, very few men throughout the history of time can make the claim to truly having brass balls. Not so for Merlin, that enigmatic sorcerer of yore, who had the audacity in his time to use magical subterfuge to ensure the conception of King Arthur, save Briton from chaos and anarchy and dabble in the affairs, politics and intrigue of a far more treacherous time time.

Memorialized by local sculptor, John Soderberg, Merlin the Magician stands boldly exposing his outstretched wand in the center of the cobblestone circle in Sedona’s Old Marketplace (home to New Frontiers, Szechuan Restaurant and other local shops and eateries).

If you have the brass, stop by and see Merlin for yourself. All of him, that is. So, don’t forget to take a peek under the hood. That’s where you’ll find the real secret to Merlin’s great magic.

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