August 10, 2022

The Joy of Easter?


Our crack staff takes a look at the celebration of Easter. Like many holidays that started out as Pagan rituals then turned into Holy Days and then were hijacked by corporations, Easter is currently known in the United States for egg hunts, candy-filled baskets, lilies, cards and visits with a giant bunny. The word Easter is derived from another language meaning Passover. Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection occurred after he went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover (or Pesach in Hebrew), the Jewish festival commemorating the ancient Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt. Somehow, between then and now, marshmallow chicks, jelly beans and hollow chocolate bunnies have come to dominate the holiday. Now, like at Christmas time, children all over America wake up on Easter morning expecting to find grass-lined baskets filled with sugary treats. Our staff remembers when it was a time for new suits and shoes.


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