September 23, 2018

November 6, 2018…Let’s Get It Together…by Thom Stanley


Friends and followers of the World Famous Sedona Excentric have been wondering why I have been waiting to weigh in on the current administration duly elected to represent and protect us all – every American and person on American soil. While that was once a task I took on monthly, I retired the hard copy version in 2015. The Bush administration had already crashed the world’s economy and my paper got caught up in the swill.

I do, however, maintain website, where contributors like Brendon Marks and Will Durst and an occasional guest writer contribute every month. There is also an archive of articles from some of the world’s best writers, like James Bishop, Doug Sutherland, William F Jordan, to name a few, for readers to navigate.

While recent medical issues have affected, but no sidelined me, I have tried to maintain a semblance of optimism – if for nothing else, my wife’s faith in a future of tolerance and love.

There are too many divisive topics continuing to develop or be exposed daily to delve into with any depth of meaning. So, I will simply request that we continue to discuss and debate the myriad topics with civility and strive to stay above the weeds of vitriol and disdain for those with opposing views.

I find myself looking at what can be fixed with a different body of government and how long it will take to repair serious damage needlessly afflicted to benefit the few, corporate and private.

In a song, Bob Seger said, “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.” I find myself recalling this line often. It is easy to desire a return to an age of innocence, a time we felt protected and secure, even with the threat of annihilation from an adversary if only by hiding under a wooden desk.

Today, I choose to weigh in by asking my fellow Americans, republican, democrat and independent to exercise the greatest power granted to us by the past and present freedom fighters of our country, military and civilian – the power to vote.
There is never an acceptable excuse for not voting, beyond medical debilitation, and even in some of those cases, one can vote by mail. We are one of the few countries that actually gets the governance they deserve.

When the pointing fingers are withdrawn and used to cast a vote, then all our voices will be putting our money where our mouths are – and left to deal with the results. If dissatisfied, we work to make the necessary changes through peaceful demonstration, letter-writing campaigns, volunteering for a preferred candidate, donating to a cause or champion and vote again the next time around.

Our forefathers, immigrants all, anticipated the potential corruption seemingly inherent to power and therefore set term limits to hopefully limit the damage and even havoc one administration could cause. They didn’t expect perfection, but they did foresee power-hungry narcissists who would attempt to subvert the rules at the expense of others for their personal gain.

For now, I choose to harness my anger and disappointment and unleash it at the voting booth, followed by a parade – even if I’m the only one marching.

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