December 9, 2023

New Sedona Movie Shoot


Pictured above is the famous hillside sign denoting the location of Hollywood, California. Well, the city isn’t exactly on the hill or under the sign, but what city with a hillside sign or letter is? In Arizona, we pride ourselves on hillside letters, like J for Jerome and C for Chloride, Clarkdale, Clifton, Concho, Coolidge or Cottonwood. It Seems a C is not much of a specific landmark. But, everyone knows the Hollywood sign and most everyone thinks they know Hollywood people. Not wanting to be associated with the preceding reputation, Sir William Randolph, World Famous Publisher of the Sedona Excentric, has chosen Sedona as the setting for his film studio.

SEDONA, AZ. Upon emerging from the Mary D. Fisher Theatre with his good friend, Sedona International Film Festival director, Patrick Schweiss, Sir William Randolph, World Famous Publisher of the Sedona Excentric, was mobbed by a cadre of reports pressing for information regarding the rumors surrounding his newly founded film studio, Excentric World Films, Inc.

Like sugar deprived children surrounding an ice cream truck, reporters from as far away as Bumble Bee pushed, kicked and shoved their way to an advantage just to to hear Sir William speak.

“I would normally hastily call a press conference to discuss news of this magnitude, but I really was hoping to enjoy an evening of movie going with my friend, Pat and his lovely wife,” Sir William exclaimed, raising his arms to quiet the crowd.

“It would appear someone has spotted my limousine and followed the tail of my robe to this magnificent theater. Well, as long as you have gathered, and if you promise to act civilized, I will regale you with the details of my studio’s upcoming film.”

“Where is your wife?” asked a reporter from Sedona’s small, other paper.

“Like the President of the United States, a job I am well suited for, and the Vice President, we are rarely seen together for security reasons,” smiled Sir William.

“What’s the movie called?” asked a reporter from Bollywood. “Sedona?”

“As you all know, Sedona, The Movie, has been done, and quite well I may add,” Sir William answered, pulling his robe out from under some overly zealous reporter. “Tommy Stovall wrote and directed a fabulously entertaining movie depicting the quirky, Excentric nature of Sedona–a movie now available on DVD.”

“Aren’t you bothered by the fact that a movie written and directed by someone other than you has already seen the silver screen?” shouted some Bumble Bee Penny Saver reporter from the very back of the crowd.

“Please, I am far bigger than that. You must be from out of town–a place not on the delivery route of the Sedona Excentric and possibly void of theaters,” laughed Sir William. “Just because my studio will be located in Sedona, it doesn’t mean my films will be limited to Sedona in subject matter. In fact, I may do a film about the buying of political offices in America.”

“Are you talking about the 2012 United States presidential race,” asked some news magazine reporter.

“The presidential race is a distraction from the real politics of our great nation,” answered Sir William.

“What about our national congress?” the reporter pressed.

“Nope. Congress may write the laws and pass the bills, but they have checks and balances, which Americans figured out a while ago by electing different party majorities. Unfortunately, Americans have out-foxed themselves and helped to create the gridlock that’s keeping our country in the recession pit. The only true way out is to end the filibuster rule.”

“Well then, tell us, Sir William, what political race are you going to depict in your movie?” asked some guy.

“Your state house and senate races. The place where all the juice gets spilled.” Sir William raised a fist, “The place where all your individual freedoms are being eroded. The place where you can pass a directive by referendum and never see it come to fruition. Those that control the schools and the prisons control everything.”

“What’s the source of all your facts?” pressed the guy.

“Facts? Facts don’t matter anymore, at least in politics and the spewing from talking heads on television. Just say it loud enough or print it large enough and it becomes fact by default. Even some of the biggest politicians have declared facts are of no import.

“Whatever film I decide to create, it will be chock full of either real or made-up stuff about real or imaginary characters in real or fictitious situations. That used to be Hollywood. Now it’s so-called reality.”

“Isn’t there a Sedona Film School here, run out of the Sedona Campus of Yavapai Community College?” asked someone obviously affiliated with Yavapai Community College Sedona Campus–most likely a student. “Will you be using some of their students on your upcoming films?”

Sir William gave the questioner a huge smile. “I’m sure we will be looking for local talent in all areas. After all, it has been the characters in and around Sedona that the Sedona Excentric has been reporting on for these past 23 plus years. I have found a plethora of talent resides here and myriad situations lend themselves to add to the message of any movie.”

“Wow. Sir William used plethora and myriad in the same sentence!” shouted an astute fan.

The first SR89A Walk of Fame Star. Unfortunately, there wasn’t room for both Sir William’s name and his prestigious title.

“What a brilliant, young woman!” shouted back Sir William as the fan was hustled into Sir William’s limousine. “It’s that kind of talent I’m looking for.”

“So, when do you begin shooting this film?” asked some other guy.

“As soon as I have all the financing needed to create my great epic,” replied Sir William, waving a checkbook in the air for all to see.

“But I thought you were filthy rich,” the other guy continued.

Sir William whispered to the other guy, “I am. But like a politician, you don’t expect me to spend my own money, now do you?”

With that, Sir William gestured to the crowd and ascended into his waiting limousine.




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