July 6, 2022

Long Live the Occult


Where no hope is left, is left no fear — J. Milton

Riding the technological bandwagon, life is changing seemingly faster than time itself. Truth be told, the rush to the Internet has created casualties in our daily lives. Harken to the words from The Stone, a philosophical volume of small circulation but enormous power. Indeed, as we learn new skills from Tweeting to Texting to preferring the virtual to real action, other proficiencies are going by the wayside: the art of conversation, the art of being present, the art of looking at people, and that’s just for openers.

Nonetheless, some features of our culture have never changed. Totally unreported anywhere, including Sedona’s smaller, other rag, and the dying, now dead Newsweek, is the status of the Wiccan priesthood and the passing into Spirit of High Priest Magus of the Temple of Nine Wells. He will always be remembered for his leadership in open circles for each of the eight Sabbats of the Witches Wheel.

Never reported before is the discovery that the Magus was High Priest of the Coven of Akhelarre, and served as The Grand Master of his Kentish Witchcraft Line in North America. In that sacred role, he trained and initiated suitable students and chartered covens of the Wicca wherever he went. What with the rising animus against women from one end of the planet to the other, he was busy drafting any willing woman into wicks until the day he became a beam of light. No hanging for them at Salem, for he loved them all and wished to cast spells on boorish males.

Not only was Magus an active Freemason, a Rosicrucian, Hermetic Initiate, Heirophant of the Strength of Hadit (his private Enochian temple), and a Thelemic Magician, he attained the grade of Adeptus Major in the Thelemic Golden Dawn. In the eight years before he was transformed into a beam of light, Magus had become a member of Ordo Templi Orientis and a novitiate priest in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholicia.

For decades he was the owner of White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products Inc. and proprietor of his store, Nu Aeon, southwest of a place called Cornville, Arizona. Highly placed sources blessed with centuries of insights tell this scrivener that Magus often had powerful mystical visions that sometimes turned into physical manifestations; this was happening at the gallery outside of Sedona called The Cosmic Connection. At this time only Wiccans can actually see this Temple of the Stars where the creek meets the sky.

It has been learned that this temple is more than a simple art gallery/bookstore serving galactic lattes. Not on your life, you other, nosy journalistas. This gallery, which will buy no ads in any media because people in the know will simply know it exists, will become a spiritual condenser of the Astral Light and a finely tuned ritual instrument for those who are ready to believe in and work with other Gods and Goddesses, Angels and Higher Spiritual Realities.

Lastly, it has also been learned that Magus is survived by his wife of 31 years, Reverend High priestess Amy and daughter Cosmo Skyrocket. It was his daughter who told me that her dad will be sorely missed as he travels beyond the veils to the starry realms of spirit guides.

Closer to daily Wicca activities, all the pagans residing in our area come together to work on their version of Shamanism, Tarot and personal growth. Meetings are held in the home of a real estate tycoon. Everybody in town knows she is a witch.

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  1. David Horowitz says:

    I somehow came across this website and am glad to see that you are carrying on in the tradition that originated with you, Morrie and Thom and do wish you continued success. I do hope you’re well and please keep me posted and updated on your publications and especially the “Excentric World”.
    All the best,
    David Horowitz

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