June 1, 2023

Antidotes to Despair in the New Year…by James Bishop, Jr.


A surfeit of helicopters, out-of-town consultants, midnight gridlock, men with no names planning bridge at Red Rock Crossing more real estate agents than places to live, Javelinas threatening to dance in uptown.

What to do?

Don’t rent rooms to robots, they don’t pay well.

Instead, fill your house with Vivaldi and bake fresh bread.

Or go outside and listen to a Raven’s chatter. Do they have happy lives? Are they happier than we are?

Look up at night, find the three sisters of Orion’s belt, and memorize them in Arabic!

On a sunny day, learn to skateboard at Posse Grounds.

Raise funds for climate deniers in Miami to visit the Mayor when he is up to his ankles in water.

Stop sniffing the juniper and don’t drink anything after 6:00 p.m.

And for goodness sake, stop weeping for dead roses that fill gardens in winter. They will be back!

By all means, avoid movies that have no plot and see movies that have a real ending.

While you are at it, avoid faux leather, Franken-food, and replace scary politicians.

And if nothing else works, invite a circle of friends from all walks of life to gather at flaming sunsets on the Posse Grounds. Join hands, give thanks, see yourselves lifted up high above computers, newspapers, and traffic jams and celebrate in your mind’s eye the total beauty of a creek, a flower, a breeze, a newborn.

You will discover love is the only way out, the secret of secrets. And maybe many will think of the good news amidst the gloom.

One may also discover that worldly developments do not need antidotes: Last year, 295,000 people around the world gained access to electricity, and every day another 305,000-gained access to clean drinking water, and a huge number of people around the world escaped poverty for the first time ever.

Happy New Year to them and to all,

Bishop and Walker

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