August 10, 2022

Doug “Rabbit” Sutherland, Minister of Reality



 I think it may have started when
   Craft Beers got tired and worn.
A brewer changed one word and, Wow!–
   Artisanal Beers were born!

A desperate baker then took note
   And stole the word, herself.
Artisanal Bread became the rage
   And galloped off her shelf!

Now, would you think “Artisanal”
   Would end at crust and keg?
Hell, no!  This is America!
   It’s an Artisanal Plague!

Artisanal Cheeses rule the world;
   Artisanal Salsa scores!–
Artisanal Soap, Artisanal Dope,
   Artisanal Rope just soars!

At my Artisanal Funeral,
   Give irony its due!
Poetic Justice deems I’ll die
   Of the Artisanal Flu

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