April 25, 2024

Guns, Guns and More Guns?


The Sedona Excentric investigative team takes a look at the rising crime rate in metropolitan America. While the suburbs seem to be getting safer, violent crimes are still a concern. This group of individuals were suspected of trying to buy guns at a gun show without identification. It turned out that the men were actually working undercover for a television station to expose the ease at which non-traceable guns are being acquired by the general public. Fortunately for the young men, their accompanying mascot, Rudy, was wearing a collar with a tag that could be tracked to the local Human Society. The dog was released on his own recognizance while the men waited for their television producers to vouch for them before being released. While many guns were purchased for the story, nobody was arrested. Gun safety legislation is still being debated in the halls of US congress while gun sales are going through the roof, and trunks of cars and dark alleys. Fortunately, today, more Americans associate going to the movies, attending a rally and sending their children to school with freedom than ownership of an assault rifle.

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