March 19, 2019

Feeling Just A Little Squirrely…


The Sedona Excentric investigative team looks into the antics of squirrels. Upon returning from a trip to the Grand Canyon, one staff member relayed a story of he and his nephew sitting on a rock overlooking the canyon when he was approached by a begging squirrel. The pestering rodent stood on its hind legs and tugged at his shirt. He gave the squirrel a small piece of apple.

The diminutive animal happily stole off with the booty, consumed the fruit and promptly came back for more. Evidently, visitors to the Grand Canyon have been tossing edible tidbits to the critters for some time, resulting in the begging for food to supplement their foraging. So, another slice of apple was tossed to the anxious squirrel. This time it stayed to eat and immediately began to beg for more.

By now a crowd had gathered, watching as the squirrel used both front paws to tug at the staffer’s shirt. The onlookers laughed at loud, but the squirrel stood its ground, demanding more food be offered. These little vermin have luckily escaped the ever dangerous rifle scope of Mitt Romney and survived to show off their gymnastic prowess and paw to eye coordination.

The fact that the squirrels are from different parts of the country just goes to prove that, somehow, animals communicate across borders, passing on their tricks of the trade.


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