December 9, 2023

Creative Ways to Avoid Accidents


Sedona Excentric World looks at new, creative ways to avoid accidents between cattle and automobiles on Page Springs Road. According to local scuttlebutt, as many as 19 cows have been struck by unsuspecting travelers heading to and from home in Cornville. Arizona law continues to give the right-of-way to the meandering domesticated bovines and holds the drivers, no matter how careful to avoid the large roadway obstacles, completely responsible.

In today’s economy, the price of some heads of cattle exceeds the value of the used automobile it was struck with. Some Cornvillians, upset by the unusually high number of car-killed cattle, have suggested that new signs be added to the road, not for the drivers, but for the uneducated kine. Signs would warn the cows that humans in automobiles are approaching and urge them to look both ways before deciding to enter the street. Insurance adjusters are said to want to hold the drivers responsible.


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