November 28, 2023

Climate Change? What Climate Change?


The Sedona Excentric Special Task Force investigates the myth that global climate change is related to human behavior. It may be a fact accepted by left-wing group, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and by 90% of scientists and climatologists in independent scientific surveys, but doesn’t make it so. Years ago, people thought the Earth was flat and the Sun revolved around the Earth. they were eventually proven wrong. Some people believe that if we survive the next 1,000 years,we will be able to prove that cow and termite flatulence caused the Antarctic ice to melt and the seas to rise to such a degree that Noah would have been summoned to build another arc. Then there are those who prefer to believe that the end of the world should happen in their lifetime so they can bear witness. Our team did have trouble finding people who wanted to take in the threatened animals of the polar regions. This courageous man did adopt this wayward polar bear, giving us hope.

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