April 16, 2024

Reigning Cats and Dogs


Where would we be without our pets? Not only do we consider them members of the family, but in some cases, we actually dress them as if they were human. You know who you are.

bigpicpage12may2013It starts simple enough at Christmas parties when you put those silly fake antlers on top of the dog’s head–no matter the size of dog– and pretend the poor pooch is one of Santa’s reindeer. Over the years, the dog becomes Mr. or Mrs. Claus for the family photo. Then, before anyone has noticed, the dog appears in public in outfits ranging from cowboys to ballet dancers. And then the neighbors get into the act and strollers are being pushed toting any breed of dog that will fit into the carriage. Other dogs stroll the streets and parks in costume, including, in some instances, booties and bonnets.

Our cat is no exception. While she refuses to play dress-up, she knows that though she was born in the US, she is Jewish. Her name is Moshe–after the Sedona Excentric’s originator, Morrie Horowitz. She doesn’t keep kosher, but we appreciate the looks on faces when they learn she is Jewish. Morris in Hebrew is Moshe. Shalom!


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