November 28, 2023

Toilet Fixture Probe


CRIME NEWS: The crime wave of thieves stealing appliances and fixtures from construction sites and public buildings, which is reaching epidemic proportions, has not spared Sedona. Last month thieves entered the Sedona police station and stole all the toilet fixtures. An intensive probe is underway, but so far, according to chief of police, investigators have nothing to go on.

TREATY NEWS: Archrivals, Sedona and Cornville, have signed a non-aggression pact in which Cornville has agreed to give up its uranium enrichment program and Sedona will halt its vortex enhancement program.

ENERGY NEWS: Arizona Public Service publishes energy savings tips every month submitted alongside their customers’ bills. The advice in December encourages its customers to save energy and reduce their fuel bills by setting their thermostats to room temperature.

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