November 28, 2023

Latest in Apartment Living


Sedona Excentric World staff members take a look at the latest in apartment living. With many homeowners facing foreclosure and with ridiculous bankruptcy laws prohibiting the individual from protecting their hard earned properties, more and more former home owners are forced to seek alternative housing solutions.

One Cornville, Arizona resident offered an affordable and aesthetically affable answer. This complex, called the Cornville Condo Cascade, offers comfort in a quiet setting for both senior citizens and single families at an affordable rate. With Sedona still holding meetings to determine the definition of “affordable housing” and how it applies to teachers, seniors, bartenders, police officers and retail clerks in the land of leche and miel, a lack of low-income housing means more and more workers relocating outside Sedona. And with soaring gas and food prices, parents are finding it harder and harder to provide for their families, and seniors are faced with deciding between food and medicine. Cornville Condo Cascade is looking pretty good now.


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