August 12, 2022



Amusing things can happen here;
never, ever doubt it!
Like this one occasion here–
Let me tell you all about it:
T’other day, for heaven’s sake,
I got myself arrested–
Yep, that’s a fact that’s been quite well tested.

I was approached by this large
and very beefy cop
Who claimed I’d ignored his signal
for me to stop.
I got the impression
he thought I’d been drinking,
With no reason at all
for that kind of thinking.

But a real drunk who’d just come out
from a nearby bar
Drove off–
and hit that corpulent cop’s own car!
So, for me now, this lawman
had nothing else to say,
And this Heaven-sent occurrence
had saved my day!

For while he was busy
with this misfortunate guy
I quietly drove off home–
waving them goodbye!

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