June 1, 2023

Doug (Rabbit) Sutherland…Minister of Reality



The adjectives abound these days
To grapple with a schmuck —
The man who we all recognize
As “Donald” (but not Duck)!

The word, repugnant, can’t describe
This man whose life is built
On pompous, self-aggrandizement,
Without remorse or guilt! —

A man without compassion who’s
A loser and a pimp,
A man who puts down others who’s
A bully and a wimp,

A cowardly misogynist,
A bigot and a fake,
A narcissistic idiot,
A crass, unworthy flake,

A xenophobic demagogue
Who’s dragged us through the muck —
Inadequate pejoratives
For “Donald” (but not Duck)!

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