January 16, 2018

An Excentric Look Into The Future


In November, our crack Excentric staff members take another look at people celebrating Halloween without spending money on costumes or masks. Fortunately, this man’s body hair allowed him, with the aid of his wife and electric razor, to go to his neighborhood part as a Neanderthal guy in drag.

While many men choose to go out as the opposite gender on All Hallows Eve, women tend to exaggerate their own sexuality, going as Gypsies, Goddesses, Witches, Debutantes, Heiresses, and the like. Men’s collective imagination seems limited to stereotypical¬† fantasy roles of Cheerleader, Nurse and French Maid. Good thing this guy has evolved beyond that.


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Warning: Hot Coffee May be Hot, Avoid Crotch
An Excentirc Look Into The Future
An Excentric Look Into The Future
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