April 21, 2024

Watch Your Step . . .


Even while more than 90% of environmental scientists agree that, with proper regulation and increased use of renewable energy, the current negative impact may be reversed with time, there are politicians that would rather let Americans breathe, eat and drink unsafe air, food and water than force those responsible to clean up their mess. Somebody, eventually has to put their foot down and take the higher moral ground. If not, future generations may find themselves chewing air, growing their own food and bathing in bottled water. Wait, the current generation is already growing their own food and bathing in bottled water. Even air won’t be free once someone finds a way to bottle and sell it. Wait, they sell air at fueling stations to keep our tires inflated. With areas of the country already seeing more than 7 feet of snow before Thanksgiving, many people are taking a second look at the evidence and wondering when Congress will act.

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