July 7, 2020

Kozmik Korner by Lush Gumball


Q:  I read another story about teenage girls and a Ouija board. This one revealed the spirit behind the pointer spoke in complete paragraphs and confessed to a murder suicide. It also tricked the girls into believing it was someone else and gaining their support for that rival character. Have you had anyone write with a positive story regarding the use of a Ouija board? It seems all I read about are horror stories. Why is that?

A: I don’t control what you read. Perhaps you could hunt down positive stories and start a website: HappyOuijaStories.com.


Q: Okay. Every day another blurry UFO picture or video crops up. This time some California beachcomber captured a video of what he claimed to be a group of UFOs hovering over a burning ship. After an expert on videos viewed the movie, he declared that it was an Air Force exercise and the glowing orbs were the afterburners from the jets on the mission. I think our government and other governments from foreign countries have had experimental craft that have been captured by amateur photographers for many years. What do you think?

A: In my experience, there has been very little evidence of intelligent life here, never mind from somewhere else.

Q: I read this column every month and, every month there is a story about someone being spooked by a ghost. I do not believe in ghost, for everything that happens there is a reasonable explanation. People just exaggerate a simple crack in the floor from pressure to be something that it is not. I do enjoy scary movies and haunted houses but only for the thrill of it. I do not find any of the stories to be true I just simply enjoy watching these movies and reading these stories for the entertainment. How about you?

A: As with just about everything, I tend to have an open mind – just in case.


Q: I read where a twenty-year-old man in Oregon attacked another man who was in the woods hunting. The hunter was overcome by the man who repeatedly hit the hunter with a rock. After wrestling with his attacker, the hunter managed to gain the upper hand and hold the naked man at gunpoint for ninety while police combed through the dense woods in search of the men. The naked man claimed his family came from a long line of Sasquatches? Police believe he was under the influence. what do you think?
A: Naked, violent and claiming to be Sasquatch – a guy on a mission.


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