November 28, 2023

Exorcisms in Sedona Area


Q: I found an article that stated there was a shortage of priests who can perform exorcisms and the United States’ Roman Catholic bishops are sponsoring a conference on how to cast out evil. It claimed that only a tiny number of US priests have enough training and knowledge to perform an exorcism with dioceses nationwide relying solely on these clergy who have been overwhelmed with requests to evaluate claims. Are you aware of any exorcisms in the Sedona area?

A: Not personally. I’m not sure about demons and evil possessions, but there are some people I would like to see permanently cast out of Sedona.

Q: Thistle Hill, built in the early 1900’s for A.B. Wharton and his young bride, Electra Waggoner, the 11,000 square foot Southern mansion has been home to some of Fort Worth’s most elite families and venue for extravagant parties. Legends include sightings of a ghostly woman in a white dress and a man who wanders the grounds as well as unexplained knocking, footsteps and music coming from the third-floor ballroom. Aren’t there paranormal experts that clear out haunting apparitions?

A: I’m sure there are. But in this case, the structure, though possibly cleared of phantasmal semblances, would still remain in Texas.

Q: I read where the National Security Agency is deeply involved in paranormal intelligence collection. Declassified files document NSA interests in the use of anomalous mental phenomena since the early 1970s. According to someone one who claims to have been involved with a post-9/11 effort represented by officials from NSA and CIA, America’s paranormal tasking has included locating Saddam Hussein and nukes in Iran. Are there any psychics you know in Sedona involved with the government?

A: I asked around and most of them said their only government involvement is with the IRS.

Q: One night while on vacation in Italy, I had just turned off the lights and tucked myself in. There, through the open door was a tall, unmistakably elegant lady dressed all in white, lounging invitingly on the living room sofa. I got up but she never moved. I grabbed the baseball bat I kept near the bed and moved cautiously to the open door. I kept my eyes on the figure but when I reached the door, she was gone. Was it me or the bat that scared her?

A: I really just want to know who takes a baseball bat on vacation.

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