September 18, 2021

Frankly Fanny


Dear Frankly,

Throughout my dating life, I have always been the one-man kind of woman, even when I am just dating casually. Recently, I started seeing three different men, two local guys, and one who lives out of state. Should I inform each that I am seeing other men? We all are dating casually, but I find it quite awkward to bring it up while on a date. I have not lied to any of them, but I don’t want to cause any major misunderstandings. What should I do?

Secretive Sheila

Dear Secretive,

It would appear you lack the understanding of the word “always.” While you insist on using it in the present tense, you are dating three men simultaneously, which I applaud. But, for protection, just be sure you use a calendar.

Dear Frankly,

The man I have been dating for the past year works in the same building, but in a different department. He is being transferred to the Pacific Rim for an unknown period of time, but most likely two years. He leaves in three weeks. He seems excited to be going. I have grown fond of him and he seems fond of me. I am not sure whether to let him know how much I will miss him. Should I tell him?

Hesitant Harriet

Dear Hesitant,

I can’t believe you are writing me to ask about telling him you’ll miss him. I expected you would ask how far you should go to get invited to go with him. I mean, unless his tail is being shipped to North Korea, update your passport, get some new luggage and promise him anything, short of children.

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