June 1, 2023

Frankly Fanny by Herself


Dear Frankly:
I’ve been involved with a woman for 6 years. We helped each other through difficult times, always there for each other. I love her very much. A while back she left to visit her father. While there, she met another man and fell in love with him. She says they are soul mates. Since returning, the man has not called her. He did send her a ring, she called him once, and they talked. She says she thinks of him constantly. I am confused. What should I do?
Stymied Steve

Dear Stymied:
Obviously you two have never consummated your friendship. So, she sees you as her BFF. Evidently, you want more. If you guys are so open and honest with each other just tell her you want to jump her bones. Ask her to be your Valentine. If she rejects you, enjoy the champagne.

Dear Frankly:
I am in my 40s and have finally met the man I have been waiting for. We have been dating for nearly a year and this past New Year’s he, on bended knee, proposed to me with a ring that was a family heirloom. I accepted and he promised to go shopping for an engagement ring. I told him surprise me. After months, I confronted him. He said the ring he gave me represented his promise of marriage. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I expected better. Am I wrong?
Disappointed Dottie

Dear Disappointed:
So, the ring he got from his grandma is not good enough. It was a test. He gave you a family treasure then offered you more. You took the bait and made demands. Did you expect to return the heritage ring to him when you got the new one? I bet you had it appraised. Gold digger!

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